History of Social Democratic Liberal Party

The Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) is a political party in Fiji and was registered on 2nd May 2013. We are based at 66 McGregor Road, Suva, Fiji.

SODELPA is the successor to the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party (SDL) which won the majority of seats in the last two elections. In 2006 in its second successive term in government, the SDL government of Laisenia Qarase was overthrown in a military coup by the military backed regime of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.
The SDL transitioned to SODELPA to comply to the Fiji military regime’s stringent and unreasonable provisions for political parties registration promulgated in the Political Parties Decree No. 4 of 2013. 

The Political Parties Decree No. 4 of 2013 required that all political parties names be in English and made unlawful the use of iTaukei name for a political party. Subsequently, the  SDL party was dissolved and registered as a new political party under the SODELPA with a new constitution.
SODELPA intends to contest the 2014 general elections on 17 September 2014. 

Our Guiding Principles

As we look to the future of Fiji, SODELPA seeking the blessings of God declare - 
We are at the crossroads of history and determined to forge a strong, united and multiracial Fiji.
We recognize and respect the rule of law, 
Our Vision
Our vision is to reclaim Fiji and promote peace, stability and economic prosperity for all Fiji citizens.

Our Commitments
SODELPA is committed to the Promotion of Peace.
SODELPA is committed to Economic Prosperity.
SODELPA is committed to Stability.
SODELPA is committed to giving our people a Full Voice in national affairs without fear of threats or persecution.
SODELPA is committed to Dialogue and Negotiation to achieve peaceful solutions to Fiji’s challenges.
SODELPA rejects solutions that are reached through acts of Violence and Force.
SODELPA rejects solutions that are reached through acts of Intimidation and Illegality.


SODELPA wants to –
Secure the greatest number of parliamentary seats in general elections so that we form the government;
Provide exemplary political leadership for the Republic of  Fiji;
Establish a peaceful, caring and prosperous nation;
Unite the citizens of Fiji and to represent them and their interests fully and integrity;
Uphold Christian values and principles and to respect the beliefs and values of other religions;
Protect, enhance and promote the economic, social and human development of all communities and to secure their future in Fiji;
Associate with and / or collaborate with other political parties in order to create an association / alliance for national unity and to promote nation building;
Provide the nation with good, honest, dedicated, transparent abd competent government and to serve it with devotion;
Provide policies that prevent all corrupt practices and behaviour;
Facilitate and foster positive economic and social development, sustained economic growth and development of all our committies

Our Logo

 SODELPA’s party symbol is the Fijian Mat design. 
Our symbol is based on a traditional Fijian design depicting a section of a woven mat symbolising the many races and people who make up the fabric of our great nation.
Our symbol also signifies a cross and star shining bright – a beacon to be followed. To reach for a star is to strive for a better way.
The party color is royal blue and white. The logo can be used royal blue on white or white on royal blue.